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1) Add your own Custom Types

Set up your own custom bet types, strategies, providers/tipsters and sports for tracking

For example:

Bet Types/Strategies = Daily Bet, Highest Goals Acca, Daily Banker, Trixie etc

Providers/Tipsters = XBet Edge, KP, Betting Gods, RachelsBB, Nates Horses

Sports = Football, Horses, Greyhounds, Tennis, Basketball etc


2) Add your bets

Easily and quickly add your bets to the app with quick select options for each category using your custom types. Then set a stake, odds and the result.

3) View and export your bets

View your return, profit and loss for each bet...quickly update, delete and clone your bets under the My Bets tab. Fast switch and update any pending bets under the pending tab. Option to export your bets to excel. 


4) Dashboard view of your stats

See a high-level view of all your bets showing total profit/loss, return on investment and total bets won and loss. Graphical displays to see your profit/loss by month, bet types, providers and sport. Colour coded to easily see losses (in red) and profit (in green) 

5) Apply custom filters

Filter and drill down into the data to see which bet types, providers and or sports are making you the most/least money in order to help you make informed decisions. For example scaling back on stake or increasing your stake with a certain bet type, tipster or sport if they are shown to make the least or most profit.


Register an account

Create an account so you can add and manage your bets across multiple devices and ensure your bets and data is retained when you change or upgrade your device. 

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